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Paint a Pumpkin Purple for Rett Syndrome Awareness

This is too cute...please join us! It is not an "event" to "go" to. It is wherever you are, whenever you plan...PAINT A PUMPKIN PURPLE FOR RETT SYNDROME AWARENESS and then post your picture for all to see on the event page. #pumpkinsforrett

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Selfish, selfish, selfish man

I am hearing a lot of talk about selfish choices these days. I have read a lot of blogs and considered a lot of statuses on Facebook, Twitter Feeds, and articles written by professionals. And when all is said and done, I agree that Robin Williams was selfish, just as selfish as any of the rest of us are on any given day.

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No parking, yet.

Recently I was picking up a child from her after-school activity and another mom asked me, "Hey are you guys gonna go to [fill in name of interesting and worthy cause]?" My answer? "Uhhhhh..." The event was two days away, not counting the current day. It required registration and a 15 mile drive. It truly was (is), a worthy cause. Why can't I just say "Yes" and commit?

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Inks Lake

Is it enough?

Last week we sat at the table around dinner time playing a word game. You listened patiently and we "gave you a turn" trying to help you play with your computer as your voice. You seemed uninterested-- I would be, too if I didn't have the proper equipment to play a game. The game went on and on-- Zebra. Ant. Tiger. Rat.

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