My Christmas Message: Tidings of Comfort & Joy

This is longer than I intended. I feel so compelled to reach back to people facing this and say, truly, this too shall pass and life will be about other things. As she heals, no matter at what rate, the relief is overwhelming and welcomed. YOU WILL BE THERE SOON. Love and Hugs~

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It says "BCW" Queen Bee's initials. It's a bit scrappy but I love it~

Paint a Pumpkin Purple for Rett Syndrome Awareness

This is too cute...please join us! It is not an "event" to "go" to. It is wherever you are, whenever you plan...PAINT A PUMPKIN PURPLE FOR RETT SYNDROME AWARENESS and then post your picture for all to see on the event page. #pumpkinsforrett

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Robin Williams on Sesame Street Children's Television Workshop_Sesame Street Workshop image protected

Selfish, selfish, selfish man

I am hearing a lot of talk about selfish choices these days. I have read a lot of blogs and considered a lot of statuses on Facebook, Twitter Feeds, and articles written by professionals. And when all is said and done, I agree that Robin Williams was selfish, just as selfish as any of the rest of us are on any given day.

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No parking, yet.

Recently I was picking up a child from her after-school activity and another mom asked me, "Hey are you guys gonna go to [fill in name of interesting and worthy cause]?" My answer? "Uhhhhh..." The event was two days away, not counting the current day. It required registration and a 15 mile drive. It truly was (is), a worthy cause. Why can't I just say "Yes" and commit?

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